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If you require a same day turnaround on your wheels/vehicles we would need it booked in prior just so we are ready for the workload on that certain day. However, if you are not in an immediate rush you are more than welcome to pop down and leave your goods with us and we will aim have them completed within a few days dependent on workload.

We offer a one stop service at Platinum. You can leave you vehicle with us as and we will have everything completed upon your return.

Our colour options are endless. We can pretty much get any colour or shade available from our suppliers. We have a large display wall in our reception area which features many wheels painted in the most popular colours we stock. You’re welcome to pop down and have a look to give yourself some options.

All powder coated finishes come with a life time guarantee for any flaking or paint deterioration. The guarantee does not cover any wear or tear caused by use such as any kerb damage which may occur after the refurbishment, nor are any stone chip damages included.

Diamond cut alloy wheels have a 6 month guarantee. This type of finish is more sensitive to damage and requires regular cleaning for it to last a life time. We see many new cars with diamond cut alloy wheels that are under 3 years old with corrosion and flaking lacquer. The reason for this is down to improper maintenance of the wheels throughout their life time, allowing brake dust to eat into the paint. We recommend you apply a good quality wax to the wheels once refurbished, and keep them washed once a week. You will have a very long lasting finish if you follow this rule.

No, for us this is not an issue. We will remove the tyre pressure sensors from the wheels prior to conducting the refurbishment work and refit them once complete. On some occasions we may come across valves that require replacing due to age and corrosion (Common cars for this are, range rovers, VAG’s, jeep/Chrysler). We have replacements on site and will replace with new ones if this is the case.

We offer a number of finishes and services, which have various turnaround times. The estimated times are indicated below. (Due to rhythmic processes we use it’s highly unlikely these time frames will exceed, however if an anomaly was to occur the customer will be notified beforehand)

Powder coated finishes on single piece wheels – We offer a same day turn around on all vehicles/wheels which are booked in.

Diamond cut alloy wheels – Dependent on the extent of the damage we can repair some diamond cut wheels with a same day turnaround. However the majority is expected to take 2 days. Feel free to send us some pictures over and we can access and get back to you with a time frame.

Split rims – Split rims can take anywhere between 2-5 days dependent on the complexity of the wheels. Contact us with your requirements and we can advise the estimated turnaround time.

Advisory – Upon refurbishment and inspections of the wheels we can occasionally find wheels with issues such as buckles and cracks. If these are to be found the customer will be contacted and notified and asked if they’d like this repaired. This may alter the turnaround time. Common cars for these issues are BMW’s with Runflat tyres fitted, Range rovers and some aftermarket wheels.

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Have a look at our pricing page for a detailed guide.

We can colour match the majority of wheel colours. We can even produce our own mixtures here at platinum coatings. Our colour matches are as close as we can physically get. Some colours can be matched perfectly however some colours have different shades and are sensitive to a number of external factors which may affect the end result.

However, if you have any paint codes, paint or powder names, we can get the exact colour in and paint to your requirements.

Yes we can. In every refurbishment we do, we remove the tyres. If you have a replacement set of tyres we are happy to fit these on for you for no extra charge. If you require some new tyres we can source and fit these for you (Contact us for prices). We have a tyre disposal charge if you’d like us to dispose your old tyres (Indicated on the pricing page).

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