Getting under the skin

Once the wheel itself is removed from the car, we can assess the complete damage on the alloy wheels. Once the tyre itself is removed from the car, we strategically remove any valves or weights that assist in keeping the wheel balanced which will need to be replaced with new items later. We are left with just the bare alloy wheel.

the chemical strip

Once the tyre’s are removed, the alloy wheel refurbishment process can take place.  The alloy is placed into a paint stripping chemical bath to remove both residual paint leaving us with a bare metal surface to start with.

repairing the damage

At Magic wheels Huddersfield, as a part of the Alloy wheel refurbishment process, we firmly do NOT use fillers in any part of the process to repair alloy wheels. Our wheels are refurbished to the highest standards possible, hence why we only use TIG welding as a method for repairing any damage to an alloys surface. This method inserts ‘Metal’ back into the areas it is missing.

powder coat time

Our Powder coating alloy wheel process provides a durable, high quality coating. At Magic Wheels Huddersfield, we use the same powders and materials as you would find at the OEM manufacturers. The wheels have been coated in Black powder coat.

Diamond cutting

We have a state of the art Diamond Cut Alloy wheel Refurbishment machine at Magic Wheels Huddersfield. Our CNC Lathe allows us to strategically cut a small layer of the face of the wheel, revealing a freshly cut diamond cut finish. As wheels are done originally. Magic wheels have invested heavily in our equipment, we do NOTtake short cut or offer ‘lookalike’ finishes to diamond cutting.

Clear coating

With our Alloy wheel Repair services using OEM techniques and methods at Magic Wheels. We use a OEM grade Acrylic Clear coat, to give the wheels the original glossy finish, which is very hard wearing. We do not use cheaper spray methods. Our finished wheels are glossy and clear coated all over.

Tyres Refitted and Balanced

With the wheels now clear coated. We can refit the tyres. Magic wheels fit brand new valves (Unless your wheels have TPMS) and we balance all the wheels again. We use colour coded wheel weights, to provide a unique touch to your wheels.

Magic is completed!

The final steps are refitting the wheels to the vehicle. The alloys have now been refurbished to a Magic Standard!

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